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Enjoy affordable, trendy jewelry at $5 a piece.

Committed to offering the newest styles in jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings and colorful hair accessories.

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New products are coming soon!

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

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New and Trendy Styles


I just love Paparazzi Accessories.  They include trendy, new styles that consistently rotates.  This offers you the most up to date pieces that are amazing.

Cathy D. Ott, Independent Consultant

Cathy D Ott, Independent Consultant

I'm a retired nurse and veteran and was looking for something to do, thats enjoyable, that could fill some of my time and where I could met some great people.  I found it in selling paparazzi accessories. I  decided to be an independent consultant with papazziri accessories as I love their jewelry and their price point.  

$5 Bling


All paparazzi accessories on this page are $5 a piece .  Paparazzi also has a luxury line called "ZI."  These pieces are $25 each and are over the top gorgeous.  You can find and purchase them on my web page.

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